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30 mars 2013 6 30 /03 /mars /2013 09:38



J'ai appris une super mauvaise nouvelle au réveil ce matin. Apparemment l'info a déjà quelques jours (23 mars), mais comme j'ai eu un boulot fou ces 10 derniers jours, je n'était pas au courant. Donc ce matin en voulant me rendre sur le site d'ILS (I Lowe Scrap), j'ai découvert qu'il avait fermé pour accusations de plagiat. Quel scandale !!!! Le monde du scrap est vraiment cruel !


Si vous voulez en savoir plus :


- Voici le message indiqué en anglais sur leur blog :

In a view of the suspicions of copying some of the designs, we declare that we cut the cooperation with the designers.
Please also note that each of us feels partly responsible for this situation. We would like to APOLOGIZE for it. We also don't see any basis on which our company could exist so we decided to close ILS.
IMPORTANT!  It is obvious that the girls from ILS Design Team are not resposible for this situation.

- Et voici ce qu'Anna-Maria a indiqué sur le sien :

I would like to say some words about the matter which conducts ILS to close definetely. I didn’t do anything before because I was in Budapest and I had no access to internet. Last Tuesday we published an official declaration on the ILS blog. I feel co-responsible for this situation. We wrote apology as ILS, but I would like to personally apologize about this matter as well.

At the same time, I would like to point that there’s a difference between getting involved and being responsible for all. I can’t and I don’t want to explain publicly what happened behind the scenes.

With will and responsability, I can say that I never stole anything to anyone. So all the declarations, slanders and defamation against me could lead to lawsuites (article 24th of  civile code in Polish law).

I’m sorry for those who were unconsciously involved in this situation… I’m sorry for those who are feeling aggrieved, disapointed and embarrased. I’m sorry for the ILS creative team and sorry for all the persons who like my work and don’t know if they can continue to do it. I can only say that the company paid a penalty never seen in the scrap industry. The three involved persons get a public lynching, especially me with a lot of personal attacks from some people with private antipathies. My reputation is destroyed and I can’t do more than apologize.

I worked with a huge passion during last five years and some people ruined my good name in a week. I would like to inform you, that I will be here, I will continue my scrapbooking work. There are no reasons why should I give up. Thank you to all of you who made an effort and asked me in private what was the truth before the adjudication. Thank you for all your support and good word. Thank you that there are still a lot of people who believe in a human. I am grateful that I know you.


J'ai donc vite passé une commande de papiers ILS sur Freckled Fawn, où il reste des papiers ILS, en plus ils sont soldés à 50%. Allez-y vite, ils vont vite partir j'imagine...

En tous cas, c'est vraiment une triste nouvelle, et j'espère qu'ils pourront malgré tout reprendre leurs activités un jour car je suis vraiment fan de leurs créations.


Allez les petits, un peu de ménage et puis un peu de scrap pour me changer les idées.
Bonne journée et à plus tard.



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  • Les petits trucs d'Is@belle
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